work - Oliver R. Meschnig

Post-dionysian expressionism

This is the general theme that thrives all of my works. While Nietzsche saw two fundamental momenta in the ancient Greek's art and culture - the Apollonian and the Dionysian - these concepts have lost their purpose and ability to describe the surrounding cultural context in its entirety. In a post-colonial age we have outgrown the shackles of a singular root and causation for our sociocultural habitus. But still the ecstatic frenzy that is described by the Dionysian is found in western countries as well as indigenous tribes as well. The German word Rausch describes this much more accurately then the English words of ecstasy, frenzy or intoxication. To bring this border-transcending basis of society into contrast with its equally far-reaching antagonistic principle the Apollinic in the form of western influenced science and reasoning onto the canvas in order to illustrate its common day battle is the goal here.

broken keys series

trash's art

The palindrome symbolizes the interchangeability of art and trash. This replaceability of the two terms is broken and negated - or better aufgehoben. Or is it? Can we say that is a unusable byproduct of our society with no use for the many? Only a few who are desperate make use of it. Sometimes also the innovative ones. But the majority has no use to it. Can we say that about both - art and garbage? If we change their position we are in the tradition of HA Schult or Richard Rauschenberg. The reuseability and reintegration into the society is not that of transformation. It is a different perspective, one which was always there but couldn't be seen through societal conventions.